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Thank you for contributing!  Your contribution helps, this ministry, to bring the good news of Christ to the entire world.  Your gifts help so many in need. We are always accepting donations. Please click the “Donate” button below to begin the process.  We appreciate your support.


Thank You!

Kingdom Center Ministries

Your Donations Support the Mission of Kingdom Center Ministries

We are a body of believers with a focus to rebuild the lives of people
through encouragement, comfort, joy and peace of God.








Methods of Giving


We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focusing on spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We partner with other organizations across the states to make Christ known. All of your donations are tax exempt.

You can donate to KCM by check, money order, or Givelify. Please send check and money order to P.O. Box below or just click on “Donate” button to pay online. Make checks payable to Kingdom Center Ministries.


Send Checks to:

Kingdom Center Ministries

P.O. Box 18387

Memphis, TN 38181


You can also use the Cash App to donate.

Make your donation payment to: $KCM2210


For more information email us today or visit our contact page to submit questions.

Types of Donations Accepted by Kingdom Center Ministries

  • Cash or Unrestricted Donations: These donations will be used to support non-specified services, programs, or endowments established by the Foundation.
  • Field of Interest Donations: Income from these donations or gifts will be used to support specific New Market Skills Center educational or high-demand program needs.
  • Designated Donations: These donations or gifts will be used to support specific services, programs, or endowments established by the ministry. Within this category, donors can establish a named scholarship or fund.
  • Advised Donations: Donors may establish an Advised Fund where both principal and income may be used to benefit one or more qualified charitable purpose established by the KCM charter. Donors may recommend different recipients from time to time. The Board retains the right of final approval.
  • Administrative/Operating Fund Donations: Contributions to this fund are made to support the operation of the KCM organization and its related activities. Donations to this fund in excess of current needs of KCM may be used to augment income from Endowment Funds. The principal and income of this fund may be used to defray current operating expenses at the discretion of the Board.
  • Asset Donations: KCM accepts Asset Donations such as stocks, bonds, vehicles, equipment, or real estate. All Asset donations or property not specifically requested by the donor to be held, are converted to cash as soon as practical for reinvestment.

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